Monday, July 6, 2015

Day 5 of 57

What I Did NOT Eat

This is a victory. We were in the 99 Cent Deals store in Glendora. I saw a display of my favorite brand of potato chips. Here was my rationalization as I held one bag lovingly in my arms: "I will just eat 2 a day." Oh how I wanted this crunchy salty treat! And besides, potatoes have a lot of potassium which is an important dietary mineral.
Well...after much emotional and logical wrangling in my head, I put the bag back on the shelf before I got to check out. WHEW! That was close.

So no pictures of what I ate today but a report.
I had my apple and the 30 almonds for breakfast. I had my regular lemon water in the morning plus a glass of a green drink I made from John's powder...ugh..very bitter...How jjj can he drink that stuff?
For lunch...avocado on toast again.
We went out to eat with Johns mom. I had a grilled breaded piece of cod, a big pile of O' Brian potatoes and a salad with regular ranch dressing. I easily resisted an awesome root beer float.

Today I found our little grinder to grind flax seeds in. I bought oat bran to add to my daily oatmeal, too.

ASSESSMENT: Next time visiting and eating out anywhere have your supplements easily accessible. Like in your purse. I skipped  them today.