Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Most Beautiful Plate

Thursday night for supper, we had potstickers. On the side we had steamed broccoli with some slivers of steamed carrot slices. We also had a salad consisting of chopped romaine letuce, yellow tiny pear shaped tomatoes and blue berries.

The best thing about this meal was, to me, the cherry tomatoes.

You see, they are slightly cooked...and oh so very yummy!

So after I finished cooking the pot stickers according to package instructions in my iron skillet, I turned off the flame, tossed in some cherry tomatoes from the garden and put a lid on the skillet for a few minutes. The heat in the pan cooked the tomatoes to perfection: they still kept their shape. They were not over cooked, just cooked...or warmed enough to change the taste from 100% raw to something incredibly delicious.

WARNING: you must pop one whole cherry tomato at a time into your mouth. Make sure it has cooled off a bit. Do not bite into it with lips slightly parted . It will squirt hot tomato-y juice all over. Keep your lips closed as you bite into this delcious round red globe.

Better than Dibs

Want a bite of something cold and creamy and yummy? And that is beter than "Dibs"?
Freeze ripe banana slices on wax paper or parchment on a cookie sheet. When frozen, remove them and serve or store in ziploc bag in freezer for instant creamy and fiber filled, vitamin mineral filled natural frozen bananas.

Eat them in a bowl with a spoon, or with your fingers from a plate. And you can, of course, blend them in a blender with milk or soy milk or almond milk and make a thick creamy shake. The Hulihan household has been doing frozen banana shakes for over 20 years now. I like the sliced frozen ones even better than a shake. I don't have to clean out a blender...and each cold creamy slice in my mouth is heavenly and cools me off!
Eat me!

Friday, August 19, 2011

What David Taught Us

Progressive International Jumbo Potato Cutter from! I paid 15.99 last week but now it is 21.99. Hmm...Anyway, after you peel a half pound of carrots and cut them in half, it takes just seconds to make a plate full of bright crunchy carrot sticks! Mmmm.

The dip he taught me is..get some good refrigerated ranch dressing and some Srirachi Sauce and blend them together.
This is such a great healthy snack! Thanks, David!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Produced in our backyard

Green grapes are ripe about first week of August. This is about all we got..the birds ate the rest. These are kind of sour. Have to do research on how to get the grapes to be sweeter.

Apricots are ready early July. We got maybe a dozen...its a small tree. But we need to prune it better.

Cherry tomatoes! We picked a cup every other day starting in early July. MMMmmm.

The Red Barn

On our way home from our adventures in Idaho and Utah, we had to stop in Santaquin to go to The Red Barn to check out the cherries and other items they sell.
Since these cost over $16.00 a bottle, we passed. Maybe next time.
A cute display. Did you know...?

1 bushel= 4 pecks
1 bushel = 8 gallons
1 peck = 2 gallons
1/4 bushel = 1 peck
John getting a free sample of cold fresh raw apple cider!
Berries and cherries galore here.

We bought some huge cherries that were so dark red they were black. Funny thing-they did not sell cherry pitters. This is a great place to stop. They also had ice cream comes, fudge, cookies fresh baked, aprons, books, and chocolate covered cherries and blueberries, etc.