Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Quick Easy Guacamole

Lately John has been bringing home big avocados from the Saturday's Swap Meet. I get about 2 cups guacamole from each typical avocado. In this post I show one method I use:
~Just dice a tomato (I used one Roma actually)
~Chop some cilantro to make about 1/4 cup
~Finely chop part of the onion...and use maybe 2-3 Tablespoons of this chopped onion
~Scoop out avocado and chop it with sharp knife. We do not like to mash it...we like chunky guacamole.
Gently stir all these ingredients together.

Use lemon if you like. It preserves the color (in case you plan to not eat it all at once and store it in fridge.)...but I found out John DOES NOT LIKE any lemon in his he had to endure this batch. I often add some fresh ground pepper and maybe a dash of iodized salt. I do not ever put garlic in my guacamole...I do not want to mask the flavor of the avocado.

Since this particluar day, we were out of chips, I fried some up on the stove.
MMMmmmmmm....I am getting addicted to avocadoes!

Prices Vary!

See this lovely array of produce I purchase at King Ranch Market (a local Mexican grocery store) today?
What do you suppose the total price was for all these items?


We have here:
7 gala apples 2.55 lbs. @.69/lb. = $1.76
celery = $0.79
3 tomatoes 1.52 lbs. @.50/lb. = $0.75
4 brown onions 2.06 lbs. @ .33/lb. = $0.68
bunch of cilantro = $0.50
7 Valencia oranges 3.36 lbs. @.10/lb.= $0.33
1 huge grapefruit = $0.33

If I would have purchase these items at another grocery store like Stater Brother's or Von's I would have paid between 15 and 20 dollars total for these same items...believe me, I know my prices.

This is one of the perks of living near a lot of Mexicans!