Friday, August 14, 2015

Days 35-41

This period of time saw me on vacation to Minnesota and Wisconsin.  I did not take pictures of my daily meals nor record what I ate. I had a great time and ate out several times. I bought a bag of honey BBQ potato chips just to taste them. Had 2 chips...they were amazing. Rachel's Kettle Chips was the brand name ...from Perham, Minnesota.  The best I ever ate. VERY low sodium. Yummy. I resisted eating a lot of them. Gave the rest to my brother.I also resisted Culvers frozen custard.  I did have some Freddies frozen custard as dessert at my nieces house. I had cheese curds,  fresh from the cheese factory and ate some every day. Generally....I ate less than I would have eaten normally.

The picture below shows the best sandwich I ever ate in my life: A turkey sandwich with bacon in it on wild rice cranberry bread with cranberry aioli. I ate half...the other half I ate the next day at the airport while waiting for my flight. Dennis is showing his filet mignon wrap and waffle fries. I had a nice size serving of coleslaw with my sandwich.