Thursday, April 14, 2011

John's Quest

This is just a sample of John's recent juice purchases. He likes to get different various high energy, nutritious drinks to improve his health.

I Had To Do It

After we finished our 2 cans of raisins, I ordered a box of 12 from the company. These SunView Organic Raisins. I got this box 2 days after I placed my order. 45 dollars includes shipping. No tax. 12 cans. Normally 4.99 at Whole Foods.

We like the Green Seedless the best.

Ginger Dreams

I used to dream of candy like this: Clear hard candy made from ginger. But this candy is a reality! Made by the Go Naturally company. Again at Whole Foods. I see it is available on

Move over jelly beans !

I have discovered these organic raisins at Whole Foods! They are big, plump, moist, flavorful. Who would even choose a jelly bean if these were available! This is pure delight..and no pesticides! Lots of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and fiber. Yum!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Water Rich Snacks!

Since I am chronically dehydrated, I have decided to have really healthy, water rich snacks. Here is today's snack: I had a half red pepper in the fridge and I am so proud of myself that I did not forget about it and let it turn slimy. I chunked it up and had it with some humus that I bought earlier in the week.
Lots of fiber and vitamins and I do love the taste. MMMmmm!

My Last Bag

OK..I am giving up potato chips.
They are my all time favorite comfort food, especially the thick super crunchy Kettle brand from Oregon and these Dirty Chips(which have the lowest sodium of any potato chip on the market. See the label as proof!)
Why, you may ask?
Well..because I want to be healthier. Potato chips have been implicated as possibly contributing to high cholesterol(which I have). I also need a good experience in resisting temptation. Believe me, this will be hard. Especially since this is how I usually get my raw onion in my diet since I always make my onion dill dip to go along with my chips...and I use 1 whole cup of finely chopped raw onion mixed with a cup of light sour cream plus the dillweed.

So about 5 days ago I finished up the last few chips in this bag...and that's that.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

How Do They Do That?

OK..last Sunday evening I ordered 2 books from They arrived by special delivery (this cure Hispanic man who drives a special white van) the next day, Monday, in early afternoon. I have Amazon Prime, which Larissa gave me, which promises shipment in 2 days...but this..this is FAST! I am going to try again..that is..order something Sunday evening (tonight) and see what happens.

Finally, A Mug I REALLY Like

I know this sounds selfish, but I must report on the best mug for me, ever: I got it from Ross for 1.99 and it holds a little over 2 cups. It is very pleasant to hold and the thick rounded edge of the rim make it a pleasure to drink from! i bouth 5...each in a differenct color. But red is my favorite. So this is how I have my morning hot chocolate now.

The Best Way To Do Yams

Bake then at 425 degrees for an hour and 10 minutes or until they ooze and the oozings start to carmelize. Serve with real butter an cracked black pepper. Be sure to use foil on your baking sheet! Or you'll have a sticky blackened mess that will take a long time to clean off.

Tips for Next St. Patrick's Day

First of all, if you live near a Trader Joe's, get your corned beef from them:It has no nitrates! And very little fat compared to the ones in regular stores. And the combination of spices they use are really yummy.

Also..cook the carrots, potatoes and cabbage in a separate pot from the corned beef. Why? The vegetables take on too salty a flavor if cooked with the beef, plus they lose their vibrant color.

Our meal for March 17th: I also made Irish Soda Bread with 1/2 wheat flour.