Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Last Bag

OK..I am giving up potato chips.
They are my all time favorite comfort food, especially the thick super crunchy Kettle brand from Oregon and these Dirty Chips(which have the lowest sodium of any potato chip on the market. See the label as proof!)
Why, you may ask?
Well..because I want to be healthier. Potato chips have been implicated as possibly contributing to high cholesterol(which I have). I also need a good experience in resisting temptation. Believe me, this will be hard. Especially since this is how I usually get my raw onion in my diet since I always make my onion dill dip to go along with my chips...and I use 1 whole cup of finely chopped raw onion mixed with a cup of light sour cream plus the dillweed.

So about 5 days ago I finished up the last few chips in this bag...and that's that.


Kelsy said...

Why don't you just buy mini bags every once in a while as a treat? Moderation is good, especially if your diet is pretty good generally.

Joanie said...

Actually, I started eating potato chips in moderation as Kelsy suggested. I like to dip them in cottage cheese that has chopped green
onions in them.