Sunday, May 4, 2008

Round MoJo's

I got a phone call from Tommy at 3:00 pm Friday:"We are leaving Santa Ana now and will be there by 4:30pm" I invited them to supper...but did not know what to fix. Then I decided on: Turkey burgers on whole wheat buns, steamed broccoli and steamed carrots, and mojos. I dashed to the store for the ingredients. 5 lb. bag potatoes for 99!
This time, I decided top do rounds intead of "steak fry" shape. I peel and cut the potatoes, soak in water, pat them dry with paper towels, add olive oil, paprika and Italian seasoning, toss to oats (they will all look a bit orange from the paprika) and bake on oiled baking sheet in 425 degree oven until golden brown (usually 35-40 minutes depending on how thick the potatoes are cut.) I used all the potatoes ecept one and filled two baking sheets. They are so good with ranch dressing or ketchup or any dipping sauce you prefer..or plain. The secret is enough oil and a very hot oven...and baking them long enough.


Amy said...

Yummy--do you like the rounds better? You can buy three potatoes for $1 here on a good grocery day--and they are tiny little things. I am so excited to get back to America! But at least I can still make some version of mojos here. They have paprika! Hooray!

Rachel said...

Am I the one who gave you recipe back when I lived in florida when they sold this idea in a box, but instead they (and I) used just cut up potatoes any ol way. I remember making them a lot in Florida adding various spices to the Olive oiled potaotes. Now it's time to put them in aluminum foil and put on the grill since the coals last so long