Friday, May 16, 2008

Let Them Eat Popcorn

So we hear about wheat prices going up! Some stores now have to put a limit on the number of pounds of rice you can buy at one time because people are fearing a shortage and are trying to buy so much to stock up. I say: Stock the most delectable of all grains: Popcorn! Some people call popcorn instant bread. do not have to grind it, or make a dough with it after proofing your yeast, etc, etc. Bread is carbs. Rice is carbs. Popcorn is carbs. But popcorn is a good whole grain carb for sure! All that yummy fiber. White rice and white bread have basically no fiber. So if you like white and quick- nothing beats popcorn

So here is a picture of a 2 pound bag of popcorn I bought for 99 cents at Food-4-Less grocery store here. On the back of the package, it says 24 servings in this bag. So 5 cents a serving. One serving is 3 Tablespoons of popcorn grains...which yield 4.5 cups of popped corn containing 5 grams of dietary fiber. I used 9 Tablespoons of popcorn grains in my skillet and popped them and ended up with a lovely bowl of popcorn . That's 15 grams of the most delicious fiber! I use a touch of melted butter and a very light sprinkling of salt. Cost: 15 cents worth of popcorn and 15 cents worth of butter..and maybe 10 cents max for the oil. So: 40 cents to fill up on one of the most nutritious and quick whole grain meals available to man.
This bowl can serve 1-3 people or more, depending on how hungry they are. 13 cups of popcorn!


Amy said... I want some popcorn! P.S. My lentil-loaf was so much like real meatloaf that it kind of put me off. Fox liked it, though.