Sunday, June 29, 2008

Some Traditional Armenian Food

Saturday (yesterday) we went to Newport Beach for a Mushegain Family Reunion.
Here is a picture of our hostess Nancy Mushegain Gabriel getting ready to put
Lahmahjoon (also called Armenian pizza- made with finely ground lamb, tomato sauce , spices, herbs)into the oven to warm up. She purchased these at a local Armenian store.

The other picture is of some very delicious, fresh string cheese..the bowl was huge...nearly 24 inches across. Well, there were 80 people to feed. People would just grab a handful of this cheese and put it on their plates.

They also had a huge platter of humus and a monstrously big bowl of pita bread and a pink bulgar salad and lots of other salads. They grilled big savory meat patties that looked like oval mini meatloaves. Lots of platters of appetizers, too. A big round dessert table under a grandiose chandelier had the best apply cobbler and choclate mousse cake, etc, etc.
We ate out on their big veranda overlooking the harbor.

The word to describe this home, the feast here: OPULENCE. All the people were happy and friendly and we seemed to just be eating for a long time because we were visiting a lot and there was so much food spread out everywhere you looked.