Monday, June 16, 2008

99 Cents Store Finds

Today I bought these 3 food items for a total of $2.97
~1 pound big red strawberries from Santa Barbara, CA
~5 pound bag of Russet potatoes from Idaho
~4 huge yellow onions.

I write about this because I feel very grateful to have stores nearby with such good prices for good food.

The potatoes will be used in several meals for the 3 of us here.
(I will make latkes one day, another day I may make potato salad or mojos (oven fries)

The strawberries we will eat out of hand or slice them and mix them with plain yogurt. Mmmm.
The onions...did you know that the sulfur in onions helps your body absorb calcium?

When I make bean burritoes, I first dice an big onion and saute it in olive oil, then when they are soft and sweet, I add a can of refried beans.

I like to use lots of cooked onion in frittatas.

I like to pile a lot of fried sliced onions on our Boca burgers.

It's the simple, natural foods like this that I love.


Fox and Amy said...

Whaaa...Fox and I are sitting here reading your blog and are so jealous! We just bought a pound of potatoes on clearance for $2! Thanks for rubbing in your good food finds--I didn't realize the dollar store sold produce!