Saturday, January 5, 2008

Best Chocolate Book

I have found a wonderful book about chocolate...from the Victorville Library...Bittersweet by Alice Medrich 2003

Here are some sentences from page 3 of the book...

"For me it had all begun in 1973, in Paris, with a singe bite of a homemade chocolate truffle.
The truffle was an unexpected jolt of pure bittersweet pleasure that left me momentarily speechless. I knew that I had tasted chocolate for the very first time. The truffle was intense, complex and earthy, dense and smooth. It was not candy but a very tiny divine dessert. And it was fresh, as a true chocolate truffle must be, homemade by my elderly landlady on the rue Copernic, during a postgraduate year in Paris."

"Back in Berkely, I seduced my friends with Madame's truffles. Hardly allowing graduate school studies to get in the way, and with a business card proclaiming "Alice's Chocolates (truffles, cakes, patisserie diverse)", I made French cakes and truffles at home and sold them at the Pig by the Tail Charcuterie, across the street from a new little restaurant called Chez Panisse. By 1976, my miniature chocolaterie had overflowed my home kitchen and, instead of starting my master's thesis in marketing, I opened a small chocolate dessert shop I called Cocolat. (I never did write the thesis; I lived it instead.)

The book has colored photographs of incredible looking desserts...includes recipes for salads with cocoa nibs...a cocoa nib cream...lots of sauces and lots and lots of very different and artistic desserts. 375 pages! I have seen and browsed through a lot of chocolate themed books...this one is the best I have seen!!!!!

I know, I know...this blog was supposed to be sugar free...but I am making exceptions for anything with dark chocolate, which has a small measure of sugar.