Monday, March 30, 2009

What's For Supper????

It is Monday..and for some reason I have been sleepy all day. Not enough sleep last night. They say the first thing to go when you are sleep deprived is your imagination. .
So True.
I do not any idea what I might want for supper tonight...4 hours from now!

I usually never have this problem! So I called daughter Megan to ask her what she
was having for super tonight. She is the kind of gal who writes up her menus a week or 2 in advance. So for tonight, she said she is having Taco Salad.
Hmm...John often does not like big salads...he find it takes too long to chew all that lettuce. It is cold out today, and it is a Monday...some hot comfort food..??? Hey, maybe burritos!
Ok..burritoes...with guacamole and sour cream, chicken, rice and beans and green chilis! All Right! Burritos it is!


Dave said...

I like being able to read along as your mind is working mom, Burritos sound good!

Pink Panda said...

We ended up having sausage and eggs, the kids didn't like the idea of taco salad. Maybe today we'll have it.