Saturday, March 7, 2009

Organic Romaine Lettuce

I made 2 decisions last week: to always buy organic romaine lettuce and organic apples. Both are for sale at BJ's Health Foods here in Victorville (by Walmart.)
I paid $1.19 for the bunch (head?) of romaine lettuce and separated the leaves and took a picture of them here.) It is just a nice bunch...felt good to take the leaves off the base and lay them out. I washed just what I neede for 2 salads the first night. I Soak the leaves in a big bowl of water for about 30 seconds, then swish them around in the water with my hand, then put them in my salad spinner and spin off all the water.
I made 6 salads out of that one bunch of romaine:
The first had ingredients John especially loves in his salad: pickled beets. I buy them sliced in a can and then stack them and slice them into "matchsticks". He also likes raisins in his salad. I put walnuts in this salad. I was out of avocados, which he always prefers (me, too) but I did have a small tomato.

The rest of the Romaine leaves I left unwashed and just put them in a clear bag in the fridge.

The second set of salads were just 2 Caesar salads. Wish I would have had the shredded Parmesan from the refrigerated cheese section of the grocery store. Just had the grated in the shaker can. And the croutons. I had the classic Caesar salad dressing (T Marzetti's from the refrigerated salad dressing section.

The third was a Western Salad with corn, black beans, a tiny bit of red pepper and chopped onion and cilantro, and a small amount of crushed tortilla chips. Made my own dressing with Mayo, Pace picante sauce and some Tapatio (bottle of hot sauce). John really liked it.

I love using the new wooden salad bowls Larissa gave us for Christmas. These bowls are never to be put in the dishwasher..I just rinse them out well, with a tiny am't of dish soap sometimes, not every time, and wipe them clean. summary: you can get 6 salads from one medium bunch of romaine lettuce. I am happy to say I used the entire bunch within a 5 day period and not a single leaf went bad or was wasted. Good feeling!