Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dedicated to Molly 4

The Art of De-Boning.

See the wishbone on the edge of the platter? It takes a few days to really dry it out, if you want 2 kids to make a wish on it.

Since I was doing this turkey so I would have lots of sliced and chunked turkey in the freezer for future meals of urkey sandwiches,turkey burritoes, turkey curry, turkey tetrazini, etc. I had quite a bit of turkey to take off the bones. After your feast on Thanksgiving Day, you are sure to have some leftovers. Sit down, relax and get your crockpot out! Take the meat off the bones and place this meat in storage containers to put in the fridge..Put all the skin, and bones and weird looking pieces of stuff...put it all into the crockpot. Add chopped carrots, celery, onion and a few cloves a garlic and a half a bunch of parsley or more and put water in to almost cover everything. Plug in crockpot and put on a few hours, your mouth will be watering in anticipation of some wonderful broth. After 4 or 5 hours, I strained all the stuff in the crockpot by ppouring it through my colander into a big kettle. After it cooled a little, I put it in big contaer in fridge. Next day, I skim off the fat and make muyself a hot bowl of broth. Yummy. Black pepper and pinch of salt if you wish. You can use this broth for lots of things....

After I strained all the stuff in the crockpot, I put it back in, add more water and put it on low overnight and in the morning I get some more broth. Now that is using the bird down to the last drop!


Dave said...

Looks good mom, thanks for sharing!

Pink Panda said...

Mom, How do you make Hawaiian Haystacks? I was thinking of making some for my birthday dinner.