Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Last Fast Food Burger....

My last fast food burger was in September. I was driving a carless friend around and she wanted to stop at Carl's Jr, and I happened to have a coupon for buy one get one free Fampus Star burger. So we each got one. That was my last.
Number 1: I am so used to whole wheat buns (I buy them at the grocery store)that the white bun almost gagged me.
Number 2: The mouth feel of hamburger meat is not appealing to me anymore. As Molly would say, I'm "evolving." I used to drool thinking of fast food burgers. One day about 5 years ago, I did a taste test one afternoon and drove to 3 places: Burger King, Carl's, McDonald's..and ate all 3 burgers that afternoon and loved it. Of course, I felt a bit sick afterwards.
Number 3: I decided to take my doctor's instructions seriously: No beef.(She gave me this admonition because I have a tendency towards high cholesterol.)

Here is a picture of what I fried in the frying pan last night (while my lentil soup was cooking):Sliced onion, green pepper, and some Boca Burgers. We can get 4 in a box at Target for $2.37! (The same thing is $3.99 at the grocery stores).
I serve them on big whole wheat buns with mayo, and hot sauce. I microwave it for just a few seconds to soften and warm the bun. We eat these twice a week. WE usually had a side of salad and something else ( a vegetable).

I do not miss fast food hamburgers one iota. Even when those big colorful glossy ads come in the mail. Mine are better!