Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Vietnamese Food, Part 2

This was my dish: Called Pho Noodle With Rare Steak Only. That meant the cook took raw meat out of the fridge and cooked it up in their homemade broth. This dish cost $5.75 . The noodles must be rice noodles..they are white and very light. the broth was very savory and I was told to put the bean sprouts in the soup and rip up the basil leaves. (The bean sprouts and basil springs came on the side. You can see a bit of it on the left of this picture...there is also the pork John gave me on the plate with the bean sprouts.Both of our meals arrived at our table in less than 2 minutes from the time we ordered.

So in the broth was sliced green onions and some cilantro..that sliver of carrot is from John's little dish of sauce that i used.

Some day I will learn how to use chopsticks. See how white and delicate the noodles are?

John finishing up his meal. His cost $6.95. His only complaint..the noodles were too long...and hard to eat...This is a guy who, when he get a plate of spaghetti, the first thing he does is chop up all the spaghetii until each piece is 1" long or less. was a delightful experience and I felt very well nourished, content and just the right degree of "fullness" when we left the restaurant. Next tine I will try the grilled chicken with lemon grass on vermiceli.


Dave said...

That looks tasty!