Friday, August 21, 2009

Naughty Doggie!!!!!!!!!!

I was looking forward to having some Naan for lunch the other day...I was going to smear it with pesto and layer sliced tomatoes and mozarella on it. I could not find it anywhere!!! Hmmm...last time I lost bread, I thought to myself, I found out Cookie snatched it from the counter and ate it.

So I went looking for the wrapper. This was really special naan...bought at Trader Joe' was theriMultigrain Tandoori Naan (6 Naan) 18 oz. I paid 3.79 for it. Expensive. But so worth it.

Maybe I missplaced it...maybe I put it on the cupboard, or in the where to be found anywhere...but I was not ready top blame Cookie until I found the empty wrapper. She would not have eaten the wrapper, nor would she have put it in the trash, so it must be laying around the house or yard SOMEWHERE.

Sure enough..John found it in the yard while he was mowing the lawn. Naughty doggie!

Moral of the Story:
If you are at our house, do not leave bread close to the edge of the counter.


Fox and Amy said...

It looks like Cookie is laying there in shame...or digestive discomfort. Heehee. Bad dog!