Saturday, February 21, 2009

What is on my comal lately...

Funny cannot see my nice big is black and so is my stove!

This product(raw, uncooked tortillas) is found in some markets and you can go to to find out more. I paid $2.98 for 12. The ingredients
are simply water, oil, flour, salt. Whereas, if I look on the labels of the regular white semi-cooked tortillas (Mission brand, etc.) I see a lot more presevatives and sometimes transfats. If a labal says partially hydrogentated vegetable oil or shortening, that is a transfat and it is not good for you.

These tortillas are so so yummy! You cook them on a comal -pronounced koh MAL -(a rounded grill)you place over medium to low heat on your stove. Then when tortilla bubbles, you flip it and continue cooking on the other side. I made some burritoes here for my lunch (I had made John 4 of these for his lunch earlier to take to school)...filled with chicken, mashed pinto beans, brown rice, Tapatio and black pepper.John does not eat cheese.
You can finish heating up the burritoes on the coma/ after you fill them.
MMMmm.... g o o d....


Dave said...

Mmm... looks good mom.