Saturday, January 17, 2009

Broth from Simmered Baked Turkey or Chicken Carcass

If any of you have no experience with making broth from scratch, I need to show you what it looks like. This is broth from a deli chicken carcass...the skin got nice and brown and so the broth was a delicious looking brown. After taking all the meat off the bones of the chicken, I put the bones, skin, and whatever chunks of meat that are left on the bone, or clinging to fat or skin..I take it all and put it in my crockpot with a chopped onion, some chopped celery, some chopped carrot and a chopped garlic clove and some black pepper. I add water to cover it all by an inch and cover the crockpot put it on high...after several hours, what a delicious aroma wafts through the house.

I cook this for about 4 hours. Then I strain it through a colander into a stainless steel bowl (and throw out all the spent bones and veggies) and after it cools a bit, I put it in a cylindrical tupperware and refrigerate it over night. In the morning, I see that the nice white fat has risen to the top, so I skim that off and throw it away. It is OK if some stays, it adds flavor to the broth, this fat does. I turn the container over and out plops..
brown jello. Jello is is made from the bones of animals!
Just heat this jello-y mass in a small pot and then pour into a bowl or mug and drink it. Yum!!!!! (You may want to salt it a tiny bit.)