Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Day 6 of 57

Was not hungry in the morning so just hydrated myself with a tall glass of water with about 1/3 cup orange juice in it to flavor it a bit.
Lunch at Tokyo Central was...a little smorgasbord which included some tempura vegetables, some yakitori, some okonomiyaki.
When we got home later...for a supplement to our lunch I made blender shakes with frozen bananas, coconut milk, soaked chia seeds,
cocoa and plain non fat yogurt.  That was at 12:30 pm
Around 4, we finished off the can of macadamia nuts we had going. I had 1/4 cup, which is one serving.
No almonds today. Only half an apple. No oatmeal.
But again we had to eat a ripe avocado so I again made salads for supper and put in chunks of leftover ahi tuna John's mom gave us. I put in some chunks of cheese for more protein.
I got my garlic requirement in. And for the soy requirement I am planning to have miso soup every day.
Did not exercise. Too busy. At least I walked around a lot today. But I need to get the heart rate up!!!